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THE MOVING IMAGE Using the latest technology students create, video-documentaries linked to their academic curriculum, stop-motion animation, live action shorts, public service announcements, original news programming, and commercials for student-conceived products or services. Students participate in singing, dancing, acting, script writing, creating artwork and titles for video, operating cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. Students are involved in directing the actors, staging scenes, using chroma key compositing (green screen technology), other special effects, creating costumes and props. Movie posters and other marketing ideas are explored. Throughout the entire process their understanding of media literacy deepens. A world premier is held in the school auditorium.
RECENT PROJECTS •Students created an original documentary on the subject of bullyism prevention. •Student created a news show highlighting events, activities and talented individuals at their school. •Students created an original stop motion animation short on the subject of conflict resolution. •Students created an original documentary on the activities in their after school program (2012 and 2010 winner in the NYC DOE storytelling competition).